Beauty Box Lip Balm Comparisson

Hey everyone!

So today I decided to do a review on some of the lip balms I have received from different beauty boxes over the last few months. 

The 4 I will be reviewing are:


Balmi SPF 15 Lip Balm

RRP Price: £4.99

Would I purchase this myself?: Yes

From looking at it it is obvious to see that it has been made with the US lipbalm EOS in mind, and as I have had an EOS lipbalm I will also compare the two.

I have the Balmi in both Raspberry and Blackcurrant and both scents are very true to their name. They smell really quite strong whilst in the packaging, but the scent is lovely and subtle when you put it on your lips.

It has a lovely smooth texture, is really hydrating, and isn’t greasy, gritty or sticky on the lips.

The packaging is adorable, and comes with a little hook attached so you can attach it onto your keys/phone or anything else you fancy! The “egg” itself has a lovely soft matte texture to it as well, and the lid is super easy to get off, but clicks on securely to make sure the lid doesn’t come off in your bag.

Compared to the EOS, I would say that they are both very similar! The Balmi has a lighter/smoother texture, and the packaging is smaller (more convenient?), but they both last a really long time and price wise they are similar also.

So Susan Lip Cushion

RRP Price: £6

Would I purchase this myself?: Yes

This is a lovely little tinted lip balm!

First impressions of it…. well it is a very bright glittery looking pink, and smells of strawberries – so I wasn’t sure if it was more of a lipgloss in a pot than an actual lip balm! But once applied to the lips there is virtually no colour, only a hint of shimmer and only a very subtle scent (similar to the Balmi).

One thing I don’t really like about it is that it’s a pot so you have to have a brush with you, or put your fingers in and then you will need to wipe your hands which isn’t always the most convenient when on the go, plus the packaging feels a bit cheap and plastic-y.

Neither are enough to put me off it though as it is a lovely little product.

Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Sweet Geranium Lip, Face and Body Balm

RRP Price: £3.50

Would I purchase this myself? No

The packaging on this lip/body balm is really cute, like a duck egg blue background with flowers up the sides, so I had high hopes for it, plus it’s a good price.

Personally though….. it’s not for me.

The smell is nothing more than “okay”, but the product itself (as a lip balm) I don’t like. It is really thick and gooey, but if you put more than the tiniest amount on (which is tricky considering how thick it is), then it feels really sticky and gritty (due to the heavy texture of the product).

It’s saving grace for me is the fact it can be used as a body balm, as for very small areas of dry skin (elbows, knees etc…) it actually does a pretty good job! The thickness of the product helps and it goes on really smooth! As it is only the size of a lipbalm it would run out really fast though, hence me saying I would not repurchase it. Shame, as it looks so cute.

Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve

RRP Price: £12

Would I purchase this myself? No (Yes if it was cheaper). 

This lipbalm is in a handy tube form, so no mess.

It’s a good lipbalm, smells good (very rosey though), feels nice and smooth (careful not to put on too much due to it being a squeeze tube), the reason I wouldn’t but it again is that it’s quite expensive for a “good” lipbalm.

It has a built in lip plumper – though a mild one, you can’t feel it tingling like you can with lipglosses – and also smoothes and hydrates, and it does do those things.

I do like it, and it is very hydrating, but there is nothing overly special about it that would want me to spend £12 on it, it doesn’t even have an SPF.

It is one I reach for quite often though, due to the handy no mess tube.

That’s my summary of those 4 particular lip balms! (I suppose 5 if you count the mini one of the EOS).

Hope you found this helpful! If you have any experiences/thoughts on these products then leave me a comment! 🙂


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